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Sample Exumas Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive in Nassau. Crew will meet the guests at the airport and escort to the yacht at Atlantis or at our own local dock.  Enjoy the day at Atlantis with all of the wonderful water park activities, casino, etc.. Enjoy a relaxing dinner aboard on the aft deck or Flybridge.

Day 2:

Depart Nassau and head to Highborne Cay.  At Highborne Cay, we usually prefer to take a dock at the marina since there is often a roll condition at the anchorage.  Upon arrival, guests will be taken to Allans Cay aboard the 34’ Tender.  On Allans Cay, guests will be delighted by the wild iguanas as they feed them and swarm all around their feet.  While at Allans, there is a great reef to snorkel, and beautiful swimming areas.  After departing Allans, we will head to the Beach on the North Side of Highborne to begin some of the great water sports aboard Motor Yacht SeaDreams.

This is a great protected bay area where we can jet ski, pull the incredible “Velocity Blaster”, or relax and soak up the sun and beauty.  Just outside the bay are several small reefs that we can snorkel.

Day 3:

If the guests enjoy fishing, then an early morning fishing trip on the East side of Highborne on the 34’ Tender catching Dolphin, (the fish)  wahoo, or tuna while the big yacht heads to the next spot at Shroud Cay.  Some guests might enjoy the nearby Lobster Cay area where at low tide, gathering sea shells, or snorkeling or spear fishing at nearby Long Cay is exciting.  At Shroud Cay, we do the famous Mangrove Run at high tide.  At the end of the Mangrove run, guests can climb the hill at Camp Driftwood, a unique area where cruisers from all over the world leave boat floatsam, and memorabilia from their boats and cruises. The view from the top of the hill is spectacular, this is where the D.E.A. set up their cameras and spied on Normans Islands during the drug days. There is a beautiful secluded beach here to enjoy a great swim. When conditions are right, for the adventurous guests, we take them through the “washing machine’ snorkel ride. There is also a beautiful lagoon at Shroud where we can practice on the Blaster and enjoy a very private area for our guests.  From here, we also visit the Island of Normans Cay, the famous drug Island.  Here we snorkel the sunken DC 3 aircraft, and view thousands of fish throughout the wreckage.  A trip through the very shallow inside lagoon at Normans will also be exciting as we tour the famous Cocaine Cave and Conch cave.

Day 4:

We head further south, to a secret spot where we anchor.  So far, we have always been the only yacht anchored in this very special location.  At low tide, only yards away from the yacht, a mile long sandbar is exposed, and our guests are whisked to this magical sandbar via tenders and toys, and enjoy a private picnic area all to themselves.  Only a few yards further, is a private Island owned by a very high profile movie star.  We have been fortunate to see this celebrity several times while on charter.  Only a few yards further, is a beautiful area called the Sea Aquarium.  It is a small coral reef with thousands of fish.  Nearby, is another sunken plane wreck form days gone by.  Large fish surround this area and wreck. Depending upon weather, from this spot, we also head out in the tenders and toys to snorkel the famous caves at Rocky Dundas. These are incredible caves that we can enter at low tide and swim through while watching the sun shine through the tops of the caves creating a unique experience.  All around the caves are reefs that abound with tropical fish.

Day 5 & 6:

We head to one of our favorite spots – Sampson Cay. There is so much to do in this area, and the Pipe Creek area that we usually spend 2 days at Sampson.  Here we usually enter the back side of the Island into a Tropical Lagoon. The yacht is virtually floating in an aquarium with thousands of fish, rays, and nurse sharks swimming around the yacht. At night, our Underwater Lights illuminate the lagoon, and create an incredible underwater environment that can be seen by our guests.  From Sampson, we take the guests to Thunderball Cave, made famous during the filming of the James Bond movie “Thunderball”.  We snorkel the cave at slack tide, and enjoy Rum punches at the nearby Stanial Cay Yacht Club.  Nearby, we also visit the famous swimming pigs at Big Majors Spot, and enjoy a variety of water toys, and beautiful beaches in this area.  Also during our stay at Sampson, we take our guests via Tenders & toys to Compass Cay.  Here we feed the nurse sharks first, and then jump in the water and swim with the nurse sharks as well as hundreds of tropical fish.  After our shark encounter, we travel to the other side of Compass Cay and spend an afternoon on a beautiful crescent beach with all of the water toys, and usually a picnic lunch.

During this period, we will also visit OUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND !!  LEAF CAY !

We will get to tour the island in its present condition, and see first hand the unique history of this island as it was previously owned by a famous Ex –CIA Counter Intelligence Officer. The island will soon be developed into a beautiful Boutique Resort with Private Villas, Townhome Villas, Over Water bungalows, spa. Restaurant / bar, marina, and infinity pools.  We will spend an afternoon on the private West Beach along with all of our water toys, and enjoy a Beach Barbecue by our Tiki Bar and beach cabanas.

Day 7:

We start our travel back North, and usually will head to Warderick Wells, the center of the Exumas Land & Sea Park.  Here, guests can view a Whale Skeleton on the beach, and hike up the bluff to Boo Boo Hill, and experience the famous Blow Holes. There are beautiful sandbars in this area, as well as excellent snorkeling and a beautiful beach. We can play with the various water toys, and explore various lagoons, and creeks.  For more experienced snorkelers, we travel to Jeep Reef and view a large tropical coral reef, with thousand of fish, and large coral formations. This is also an excellent spot for any certified Scuba Divers. Throughout the week, depending upon the activity level of our guests, we will do several snorkel spots, including some great drift dives where we often find ourselves swimming with Sea Turtles, Eagle Manta Rays, and hundreds of various species of tropical fish. If our group is an active and adventurous one, then we will offer our now famous “Adventure Tours” every day.  After our initial arrival at our first Exuma Island, Highborne  Cay, with the right group and weather, we will then ride the toys, ie. Jet skis and 34’ Tender, and hug the island chain as we move south.  We will keep meeting up with the big yacht “Sea Dreams” for lunch, and then later for dinner.  By riding the toys throughout the chain, we are able to hug the islands, within feet of the shore, and experience every single beautiful spot and do a variety of activities as we travel down island.  For those wishing more relaxing time, they can ride on SeaDreams and we will unite with them and then bring them in for various activities.

Day 8:

We depart back to Nassau, and drop off guests at either Atlantis, or one of the other marinas.  We also offer the option to our guests to do a One – Way charter and terminate the yacht charter in the islands.  We can then arrange for a private plane to fly them on a very scenic and beautiful flight over the islands back to Nassau. The flight is a quick 30 minutes.

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